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Robb Allen
Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Datapipe, Robb is an entrepreneur who has built successful companies in real estate and technology. He leads a global team of dedicated professionals and works with the world’s most trusted brands to optimize mission-critical and day-to-day enterprise IT operations, enabling them to transform, innovate, and scale. Robb writes about company news and provides his take on industry trends.

Datapipe a leader – again – in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud Enabled-Managed Hosting; filling gaps left by competitors

For the second year in a row, Datapipe was named a leader in the 2015 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud-Enabled Managed Hosting, North America. We were recognized for our ability to execute and our forward-thinking vision that has us well positioned to meet the business requirements of tomorrow’s enterprises. More specifically, we were named a leader because we offer the …

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Datapipe’s Joel Friedman Named CSO of the Year

I am pleased to announce that the New Jersey Technology Council has named Datapipe’s Chief Security Officer, Joel Friedman, CSO of the Year for 2015. This award is designed to recognize a chief security officer for his/her innovation and creativity in planning and deploying their enterprise systems, future IT goals, management philosophy and service to the industry and community. Joel …

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Analytics essential for optimized cloud

datapipe cloud analytics optimization

As cloud computing continues to move firmly into the mainstream, the question for business leaders is no longer whether they should embrace this technology – it’s how can they get the most value out of a cloud solution? In the simplest terms, there are two basic components of a successful cloud solution: the right tools and the right strategy. Both …

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Achieving compliance in the cloud age

datapipe compliance cloud age blog

Security has long been a major factor when businesses consider moving their services into a cloud computing environment. Many feared that taking this step would put their corporate data at risk of loss or theft. However, this is not really the case. In reality, cloud solutions are actually more secure than most legacy options – a fact that business decision-makers are …

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Value-based health care requires analytics and computing power

datapipe healthcare value blog

Health care organizations have been modernizing their operations and approaches to patient care through technology solutions such as electronic health records and a range of analytical and sensory resources. Driven by opportunities to improve patient care, implement more cost-effective processes and uphold regulatory guidelines, such as Meaningful Use, medical facilities are transforming their IT infrastructure and exploring new ways to …

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Gartner recognizes Datapipe’s leadership in cloud hosting market

datapipe gartner 2014 magic quadrant cloud enabled

At Datapipe, our teams approach all of our customer interactions as partnerships. Rather than simply offering technology for clients to buy, we work together with our customers to meet their business requirements and achieve ambitious goals. Recognizing a need in the industry, we developed a model that offers reliable pricing options, comprehensive support and advanced tools that help cloud users …

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Internet of Things may make cloud services a must

The Internet of Things presents some pretty remarkable opportunities for consumers and businesses alike. There’s just one problem: It’s a glutton for bandwidth. To accommodate the rapidly expanding storage and connectivity demands that accompany technological advancements like the IoT, companies may need to turn to cloud solutions, such as Amazon Web Services. The IoT and system resources What exactly is …

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Lack of IT strategies for cloud could render companies ‘obsolete’

server processor choices

Cloud adoption is on the rise across industries, but not all organizations are utilizing the solution in a strategic, effective manner. Because the cloud represents a different way to construct, provision and manage IT infrastructure and services, it calls for new techniques for overseeing and leveraging the technology. However, according to an InformationWeek study, even though cloud adoption has increased, few respondents …

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