Sunday, February 18, 2018
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Mark Duhm

Mark Duhm
Mark is Practice Lead for Hyperscale services (AWS, Azure, Google) at award-winning Managed Services Provider and Cloud Integrator, Datapipe. With over 18 years’ experience, Mark has led the design, development, and support of customer solutions across a wide-range of technologies and roles. Mark leads the Hyperscaler Practice within Datapipe, delivering Datapipe’s hyperscale service offerings alongside team leadership and mentoring of Datapipe Architects and DevOps professionals.

The Journey to (an Optimised) Cloud

Whether it’s leaving home for work or heading out on holiday, all journeys begin from somewhere. The journey to cloud is no different. Inside your corporate IT estate, you may already have a mix of legacy, traditional, virtualised or cloud-based solutions but are looking to move towards a more elastic and dynamic footprint. How do you achieve this? Within this post, I’ll give an overview of what the journey might look like, provide some markers to help along the way and explore what happens once you’ve reached your initial destination.

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