Sunday, February 18, 2018
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Josh Pemrick

Josh Pemrick
As Datapipe’s Global Sales Manager, Josh is well versed in transforming unique business requirements and strategy into tangible IT initiatives focused on personalized and measurable results. Josh writes about the questions and concerns more relevant to new-to-cloud organizations, and also highlights the success stories of some of Datapipe’s clients.

Client focus: D+M Group migrates 15 physical data centers into three private clouds

D+M Group is a distributor of high-end audio and video components recognized for its advanced digital technology, high-performance engineering, and unique designs, and is known for delivering a powerful audio and video experience. The company’s IT infrastructure, however, was lacking. Spurred by the prospect of greater efficiencies and less redundancy, D+M embraced the cloud and plunged in headfirst. We worked …

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