Saturday, February 24, 2018
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Hetal Patel

Hetal Patel
As Datapipe's Director of Cloud and Virtualization Operations, Hetal has established himself as an expert in the design, architecture, and implementation of public, private, and hybrid cloud solutions, as well as the unique hardware, software, storage and networking of our wide range of clients. Hetal writes about tools, resources, and best practices that relate to management and support of multiple cloud and virtualization platforms.

A service provider with simplified storage options

datapipe ignoring cloud

As the Director of Cloud and Virtualization Operations at Datapipe Inc., my day is comprised of overseeing and managing cloud technologies and operations. We manage and support multiple cloud and virtualization platforms, all of which need some sort of storage, whether it’s local to the hosts, shared, or global object-based storage. Any given day is filled with global operational activities …

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