Thursday, February 11, 2016

What should you think about when you address security in the cloud?


Enterprise IT security has traditionally been difficult, with the amount of planning, strategy, and process development that is required. Not to mention testing, reevaluating your plans, and adding additional processes as necessary. On top of that, your ability to go back and change a security implementation is limited—by what you’re operating on, by the frequency of your deployments, and by …

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The insurance industry & the cloud

Security, governance, and regulatory compliance are at the forefront of every current IT infrastructure decision within most enterprises, and few more so than the insurance industry. That’s why we invited our partners, along with one of the industry’s leading experts, to join us in the first – of which we hope there are many – Knowledge Transfer Network session; a thought …

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Transforming lives through cloud technology


In our industry, we often focus on the benefits that the cloud can bring to a business, and rightfully so. The cloud is a powerful, cost-effective solution that provides businesses with flexible and scalable hosting environments, giving them the agility needed to keep up with rapidly changing landscapes. However, by only focusing on business applications we miss out on some …

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Make big data small with the right toolset for your business


It is widely accepted that 90% of the world’s data has been created in the last two years alone. So it’s no wonder that analyzing and storing such astonishing amounts of data is still a relatively new challenge. As Dr. Mark Kennedy, Director of the KPMG Centre for Advanced Business Analytics at Imperial College Business School said at a recent …

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Diving into data gravity: Context is everything


Movies such as Interstellar and The Martian have not only taken the box office by storm, they’ve also taken a look at what life in deep space is like. It’s fascinating to explore the unknown–there’s plenty out there we still have to learn, and every day we’re shining new light on various areas. Much like the endless expanse of space …

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Just how much is AWS really worth?


As an AWS Partner since 2010, Datapipe is proud to also be one of the first to have completed the third party audit and be named a Partner in their new AWS Managed Service Provider Program. Over these past five years, we’ve seen new products and services galore. In fact, Amazon released 516 new features in 2014 alone, showcasing the creativity …

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Unlocking the advantages of the IoT


The advent of cloud infrastructure has laid the foundation for companies to capture, process, and analyze data at tremendous scale. Over the past few years, these data systems have evolved from operating on largely static data stores to processing vast streams of data in near real time. With the ability to process these data streams, companies have networks of physical …

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Giving props


props/ noun slang due respect and proper recognition. “certain sectors of the music fraternity still refuse to give him props” I live on props. It’s that figurative pat on the back that validates your actions and motivates you to do more. It fuels me to work harder, better, and longer. Don’t get me wrong, I love my paycheck, but paychecks …

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Azure ExpressRoute enables hybrid cloud for the enterprise

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 2.27.28 PM

Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute is a feature that enables the enterprise to leverage the hyper-scale power of the Azure public cloud for their dedicated infrastructure via a direct, private connection to Azure. Private networks are a staple of today’s corporate IT landscape enabling organizations to ensure performance and consistency yet limiting access to sensitive resources. To meet the needs of today’s …

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Conquering the cloud in Asia


Not surprisingly, we’re seeing strong growth in cloud computing deployments in Asia. The local market has been always a few seasons behind the classic early adopters in the United States, Australia and pockets of Europe but they’re quickly playing catch up. It’s a perfect storm really. Long term hardware environments are becoming end of life, and secondary markets such as …

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The explosion of data gravity

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 4.44.23 PM

Following the recent Gartner Symposium a few weeks ago in Orlando, Florida, there seemed to be a common topic with most of the attendees that I spoke with: the concept of data gravity. While last year, CIOs at the conference were concerned with what data to maintain and manage on-premise, CIOs this year turned to look for strategic advice on …

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Big data predicted to be a $50 billion industry within five years


A recent forecast from research firm International Data Corp (IDC) made a bold prediction: big data spending will reach $48.6 billion by 2019. IDC separates the big data market into three major submarkets: software, infrastructure and services. It predicts that collectively they will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 23%. Software– including information management, discovery, analytics, and …

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6 basic steps for successful DevOps automation


There are countless ways to implement DevOps automation that can improve your company’s operations. But the hard truth is that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to automation. Beyond understanding your process requirements, you still need to create an implementation strategy to ensure your automation plans will benefit your organization. At a minimum, your journey into DevOps automation should include …

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Datapipe named one of NJ’s Fastest Growing Companies

NJBiz Award

Last night, we were recognized as one of New Jersey’s 2015 50 Fastest Growing Companies. This marks the seventh time we’ve had the honor of being named to the list. The NJBIZ 50 Fastest Growing Companies awards program celebrates New Jersey’s most dynamic companies that progressively contribute to the success of the state’s economic growth and stability. Founded in Hoboken, …

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Introducing our 5in15 Webinars

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 12.16.15 PM

Welcome to the first installment of our 5in15 Webinars, where we run through five slides of information in 15 minutes. These quick presentations are designed to share information about products or thoughts in the industry. Our debut episode takes a look at something that’s always top of mind for the enterprise: security within cloud deployments. Gone are the days of …

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