Thursday, February 11, 2016

The power Big Data analytics provides

Cloud makes enterprise-grade big data analytics widely available

We’ve stressed before the importance of big data, and how it can effectively help your business grow. Of course, simply having that data is not enough. You have to harness its power by analyzing and deploying that data.

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Brush up on some crucial cloud computing points


2015 was a big year for Datapipe. In addition to our acquisitions of multi-cloud pioneer GoGrid and AWS assessment, automation, and migration consulting partner DualSpark, we were granted a FedRAMP ATO for private cloud managed services.

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Learn how to integrate something new in 2016

datapipe big data analytics

There are a number of ways to integrate elements like Big Data or platforms like Azure into your company’s business operations. Of course, just like most things in life, there’s no one, catchall way to implementing these tactics.

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The need for expertise in securing AWS environments


It’s no secret that security is a concern for enterprises considering a move to the cloud. And it’s understandable–after all, you’re moving from your own data center to a new environment.

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Datapipe shortlisted for 2015-16 Cloud Awards

Cloud Awards

Today, The Cloud Awards program released their shortlist for the 2015-2016 Cloud Awards and we are proud to say that Datapipe has been named a finalist in the Best Hybrid Cloud Solution category.

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The “Cloud-First” Reality

Cloud First

The term “cloud first” refers to a strategy in which one is designing new software products and services to be delivered via a cloud model ahead of traditional software delivery methods.

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Takeaways from Verizon’s State of the Market enterprise cloud report

State of the Market

This week, Verizon released its “State of the Market: Enterprise Cloud 2016” report, which highlights a number of interesting observations. It further emphasizes how the cloud continues to transform the enterprise; in fact, 69% of businesses say that the cloud has enabled them to significantly reengineer one or more business processes. That percentage will only continue to increase. The cloud …

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How to use a cloud diverse solution to improve uptime


As a sales leader who is focused on cloud solutions for the enterprise and dedicated to customer satisfaction, nothing makes me happier than hearing the success stories of our Datapipe customers. Today I want to examine one of my personal favorites. ScreenScape makes software that helps businesses connect and control screens over the Internet through a simple plug and play …

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Big Data can make our wildest dreams a reality

Big Data Wildest Dreams

According to a number of statistical reports, the amount of digital data we produce is expected to double every year. That means the amount of digital data in the world will exceed 44 zetabytes by the end of 2020 – nearly 5,200 GB for every woman, man and child on earth. With this excess of transient data in the world, …

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Datapipe wins Cloud Security Product of the Year


If you’ve been following our blog or social, you might have noticed our recent involvement in the 2015 Storage, Virtualization, Cloud (SVC) Awards. These awards celebrate the products, projects and services in the cloud, virtualization, and storage sector. They are nominated by a committee and voted on by industry customers, partners, and peers. Last week, voting came to an end …

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Business transformation made possible through data management


Businesses today are being forced to dramatically adjust their approach to IT management by the explosive growth of data volumes around the globe, which we’ve seen intensify drastically in 2015. New devices and apps are also increasing the accessibility of data, that is, assuming organizations have modernized their IT infrastructure and service management models to align them with the requirements of modern technology. The cloud has played …

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