Thursday, November 26, 2015

What did we actually learn at Cloud Asia Expo last week?


Cloud Expo Asia has cemented itself now as the premier cloud computing event in the Asia Pacific region. Coming from humble beginnings in 2013 with a relatively small number of sponsors and delegates limping in, the 2015 event last week in Singapore was one of the most impressive IT events of the calendar year. Datapipe had a fairly large presence …

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A managed service provider can ease the transition to the cloud


Stephen Boyle, who’s three months into his new position as vice president of Microsoft’s U.S. Partner Group, recently shared his outlook on the future of the cloud with The Var Guy, and he’s excited about where things are headed. The benefits of moving to the cloud are becoming increasingly apparent to most businesses, including Microsoft’s partners. However, as Boyle points out, …

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When it comes to Big Data deployments, know your options

Three colorful arrow signs reading Good, Better, Best, offering help and decisions on comparison shopping or traveling and looking for the ideal route

In his book, Digital Exhaust: What Everyone Should Know About Big Data, Digitization and Digitally Driven Innovation, David Neef offers three options (highlighted in this recent TechTarget article) for building a big data system: Do-it-yourself ‘build-on’ to a company’s current enterprise IT structure Run parallel database frameworks Let someone else do it in the cloud. I would argue there is …

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Navigating the hybrid hype: Not all hybrid is created equal


CIOs are at a tipping point. They are challenged with innovating old, traditional systems while turning to new cloud systems to modernize specific functions of their infrastructure, all with the goal of improving user delivery. This is a difficult balancing act. Not only are they faced with blending old with the new, but data also has to flow between the …

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Datapipe a finalist in SVC Awards for Security Project of the Year


The 2015 Storage, Virtualization, Cloud (SVC) Awards are coming up in December and Datapipe has been named a finalist in three different categories: Managed Services Provider of the Year, Cloud Project of the Year, and Security Project of the Year. The latter nomination is for our Datapipe Access Control Model for Amazon Web Services (DACMA), which brings deeper and more …

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Appearances in Gartner Magic Quadrant a result of growing demand for database management


A few months ago, we partnered with DataStax, the company that delivers Apache Cassandra™ to the enterprise. Even in that short period of time, we’ve seen how the software has provided organizations with flexible, always-on, secure, managed database solutions to accommodate the toughest of big data workloads. DataStax was rewarded for putting customers first by being named a Leader in …

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As the cloud consolidates, MSPs must diversify

Three of our biggest cloud platform partners have been posting some huge numbers of late. Amazon and Amazon Web Services had yet another significant quarterly profit, posting $521 net income on $2.1 billion in revenues, displaying a 25 percent profit margin. Microsoft also reported strong growth for Windows Azure and other cloud computing products, nearly doubling its cloud profits with …

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The rapid rise of multi-cloud


The mass consumerisation of technology has directly stimulated expectations among employees, executives and others in the private and public sectors. No longer will cookie-cutter approaches to strategies and technology service delivery hack it in the average organisation, with preferences continuing to move in the direction of highly personalised and customised IT frameworks. Thanks to the birth of the cloud as …

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Leverage hybrid IT for stronger DR performance

Disaster recovery and business continuity have gained a bit more momentum in the past five years or so, as several major storms that have struck various regions of the United States have opened the eyes of most leaders to the dangers of not mitigating risk. In many situations, those firms that do not carefully craft their recovery plans will be …

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Datapipe a finalist in SVC Awards for Managed Services Provider of the Year


The 2015 Storage, Virtualization, Cloud (SVC) Awards are coming up in December and Datapipe has been named a finalist in three different categories: Managed Services Provider of the Year, Security Project of the Year, and Cloud Project of the Year. The voting period for the SVC Awards runs until November 13, and we need your help to win! Just visit …

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Cruising in the cloud: Moving from public to private

U.S. agencies embracing hybrid cloud deployments

It’s no secret that every enterprise has its own unique business requirements. IT systems and solutions that work for one business won’t necessarily be right for another. This reality is a key factor in the hybrid cloud vision of the Microsoft Cloud Platform. They are committed to robust public and private cloud options and Datapipe is the unique managed service …

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Is Microsoft’s cloud platform the right option for your company?

The Microsoft vision for cloud is a hybrid vision that includes both public and private cloud options to match a customer’s requirements. Datapipe is uniquely positioned to help customers execute on this vision as we plan, build and run hybrid IT environments every day. We provide the most comprehensive suite of managed services available for public, private, and hybrid IT …

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FCCP, a formula for success

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 12.21.03 PM

FedRAMP JAB P-ATO + PaaS + flexibility + agency specific security controls = Datapipe’s Federal Community Cloud Platform (FCCP). Last week, we announced that Datapipe received its JAB P-ATO for the FCCP PaaS solution. If you recall from the Understanding the Multiple Versions of the FedRAMP ATOs blog, there are three types of P-ATOs that a cloud service provider (CSP) …

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Are you in the know? A recap of re:Invent 2015


Another AWS re:Invent has come and gone, and this year’s event was packed with exciting announcements and presentations. Below are a few of our favorite moments and highlights you should be aware of. News Announcements Amazon announced Amazon Inspector, an automated security assessment service that analyzes the behavior of the applications you run in AWS. The service will check common security …

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The vast impact of hybrid IT on businesses

The past few years have seen dramatic changes in strategies given the growth of hybrid IT. One of the greatest benefits of the cloud when it first hit the market was the ability to skillfully customize the frameworks in accordance with specific needs. Now hybrid options are taking this to another level.  Virtually every movement in IT infrastructure management has …

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