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Client Spotlight: Octo3

Today, as part of our ongoing client spotlight series, I’d like to shine a light on our partnership with Octo3. Octo3 is a Hong Kong-based financial technology company and a prime example of our global hybrid cloud capabilities. Octo3 specializes in the development and provision of next-generation payment services. The company has a suite of FinTech solutions including eCommerce payment gateways, payment terminal hosts, mobile point of sales, traditional point of sales, and mobile wallet solutions for payment service providers in Asia and around the globe.

Octo3 approached Datapipe during a time of rapid company growth. Read on to learn how Datapipe helped create an agile, scalable IT solution for Octo3 that’s in line with the finance industry’s strict security and compliance requirements.

To continue delivering the consistent high level of service its customers have come to expect, Octo3 realized that it would need to expand its existing IT infrastructure to keep up with its growth. The company decided that migrating to the cloud was its best option, as it could provide the level of scale and agility it required. However, Octo3 also needed to ensure that whatever cloud solution it chose would also meet the strict security and compliance regulations of the financial industry – the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) especially.

Octo3 wanted a managed service provider (MSP) to ease and expedite its migration to the cloud, and it found one in Datapipe. Datapipe’s strong track record in implementing global PCI-compliant cloud solutions was a major selling point for Octo3. Our PCI security team took quick action, conducting detailed discussions with Octo3’s CTO and the rest of his IT team to determine their needs and ensure a seamless transition.

Within a month, Datapipe had successfully migrated Octo3’s production environment to our PCI-certified Stratosphere Hybrid Cloud Solution. With this new cloud solution, Octo3’s IT team doesn’t have to worry about day-to-day management, freeing them up to focus on their core business focuses: product development and R&D.

Moving Octo3‘s production environment into a scalable, on-demand and compliant cloud environment enabled the company to provide better agility to its customers and provided room for its business to expand. Octo3 sees Datapipe as an extension of its IT team, and with the new cloud environment, Octo3 is in a great position to grow its business, both locally and internationally.

To learn more about our work with Octo3, read the full case study here.

Datapipe has joined forces with Rackspace to create the world’s leader in multi-cloud managed services. Learn more about the acquisition here.

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