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Webinar: Enabling Agile Development Through Automation and Microservices

Agile development allows teams to keep up with the increasing pace of user requests and developer innovations through the use of microservices and automation tools. Understanding and implementing these can help teams overcome traditional monolithic architectures and associated project methodologies which can slow down development.

In an ideal microservices architecture, services are fine-grained and protocols are lightweight. Breaking down an application into smaller services improves modularity and makes the application easier to understand, develop and test. An agile, sprint based methodology leads to smaller releases of features and services. This reduces the time it takes to get from the planning stage to the release stage to just a matter of days versus weeks or months.

Testing in this type of architecture is critical to success. As testing is usually on a per feature or unit basis, it is important to implement automation to make the testing a repeatable process within the delivery cycle. That way, the delivery cycle can stay on track and not be slowed down with too much human intervention.

Microservices and automation tools are a key part of the journey to agile development.  To learn more, watch our webinar, “Enabling Agile Development Through Automation and Microservices,” here.

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Hiten Mistry
As a Senior Solution Architect at Datapipe, Hiten is responsible for engaging with organisations to understand their Information Technology requirements and challenges to put together appropriate solution designs on the best execution venue. This may include physical hosting, private cloud, public cloud or an hybrid combination. Hiten has worked on the major public cloud platforms from AWS, Microsoft Azure and Alibaba Cloud and has over 17 years of experience in the managed hosting industry.

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