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The Incredible Growth of Alibaba Cloud

The cloud ecosystem is dominated by a handful of giants: AWS, Azure, Google, VMware on AWS. But Alibaba, one of our partners continues to gain ground rapidly by growing their presence throughout Asia and beyond. That growth is coming at a great time, as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is becoming a bigger part of organizations’ plans.

In fact, a recent study from Oracle found that IaaS is the key to remaining competitive, particularly in overseas markets. Organizations are determining whether they can run some or all of their business software in offsite data centers. With the IaaS market seeing 38 percent YoY growth from 2015 to 2016, expanding to additional markets has helped Alibaba’s cloud growth climb to new heights.

Rapid Growth

Over the past year, Alibaba has experienced an increase in usage of its database services and content delivery network, with a higher average revenue per paying customer. That’s no coincidence – total spending on cloud computing has risen exponentially this decade and is expected to reach $60 billion by 2020. The enterprise is relying more on the cloud for critical tools, software, and services, and Alibaba has been building out its offerings to assist those organizations.

Furthermore as reported by Gartner, Alibaba’s cloud sales increased from $298 million in 2015 to $675 million last year, a rapid rise of 126.5 percent. This increase represents the most substantial revenue growth of any company over the past year. Alibaba has a significant presence in China, but recently, they’ve turned their attention to other markets. Last year, Alibaba announced the launch of four new data centers in Europe, Australia, Japan, and the Middle East. We’re not the only ones singing Alibaba’s praises, either – check out a few of our favorite articles on the company’s immense growth over the past year:

How Datapipe Can Help

Datapipe was named an Alibaba Cloud global managed service provider partner last year. We’ve helped Chinese companies expand globally and have enabled international organizations to enter the Chinese market. Alibaba Cloud also includes a suite of robust workflow services to create, implement and deliver digital media, and is commonly used in gaming and online-to-offline solutions. Whatever your goal, our partnership can help provide an improved customer experience. One organization that we manage the Alibaba Cloud environment for is Joyful Journey Travel, the first company to provide financial services to travelers in China. Learn more about that solution here.

As the global IaaS market moves forward, look for the enterprise to truly embrace the power of the cloud. And Alibaba, whose cloud computing revenue grew 96 percent YoY from 2015 to 2016, will continue its innovative solutions to make sure customers’ journeys to the cloud is a smooth one.

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Datapipe has joined forces with Rackspace to create the world’s leader in multi-cloud managed services. Learn more about the acquisition here.

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