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Client Spotlight: Riviera Finance

Riviera Finance is nationally recognized as a leader in business financing and accounts receivable management. Riviera Finance has multiple offices located throughout North America, which made managing their Microsoft Exchange server challenging, so their IT team turned to AWS and Datapipe.

Using Exchange Server over AWS enabled Riviera Finance to deploy Microsoft workloads in a highly available, fault-tolerant, and affordable way. By deploying Microsoft business applications on the AWS cloud, they are able to manage email collaboration, communications, and directory features on the AWS platform.

By engaging Datapipe to assist in their cloud journey, Riviera Finance has been able to better serve their clients through fully-staffed business development centers and processing centers located throughout the United States and Canada. Managing thousands of client accounts makes scalability vital to Riviera, and Datapipe gives them the ability to leverage reliable and secure services architected by Datapipe using a best practices approach for a highly available environment.

Another key benefit to partnering with Datapipe to run Microsoft workloads over AWS is that Riviera Finance only needs to pay for what they use, and they don’t need to worry about the day-to-day management of the solution. Using AWS enables Datapipe to resize mailbox servers based on demand, and change compute characteristics in a matter of minutes, a vast improvement over the days it used to take when they managed the server in-house and needed to wait for scheduled IT resources and releases.

Datapipe managed Microsoft Exchange over AWS is a powerful solution platform that can be embraced by many organizations as a component of their cloud adoption strategy, but managing and operating it effectively requires specific expertise. Datapipe’s support and managed services removes the burden of migration, administration, and monitoring off of our clients.

To learn more about Datapipe’s managed services for AWS, click here.

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