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AWS re:Invent Day Three Recap

Picking back up from our Day Two post, here are some highlights from Day Three of AWS re:Invent.


News from Amazon continued to be the talk of the town. Here are the quick highlights:

AWS Glue is a fully managed data catalog and ETL (extract, transform and load) service, which is oftentimes considered one of the toughest parts of analytics. This allows devs to build a comprehensive data structure on AWS. An excerpt from TechCrunch sums up the news nicely: “As Amazon CTO Werner Vogels explained today on stage at the re:Invent, getting data into a form you can actually use to perform analytics is hard work. In fact, it’s so difficult, that it’s generally accepted that you spend about 80 percent of your time getting the data ready to be analyzed and just 20 percent getting information from that data. Vogels said, the goal of Amazon Glue is to flip that equation, greatly simplifying the act of processing the data, so that you are freed to do analysis on it, regardless of the analytics tools you are using.”

AWS Blox is open source tools for building custom schedulers on Amazon ECS. Multiple people have called this a “game changer,” and with Netflix using ECS liberally, this is a cool feature to ride the momentum of Netflix’s new download announcement. Jordan Novet at VentureBeat claims this effectively makes AWS deployment service easier to tinker with, rather than requiring the use of third-party schedulers such as Google-backed Kubernetes, Mesosphere’s Mesos, or Docker’s own Swarm. To read further about the news, see here.

AWS Pinpoint allows developers to drive user engagement with push notifications for their mobile apps. Push notifications increase engagement of apps by 88%, so this is a pretty useful announcement. Serdar Yegulalp at InfoWorld states that Pinpoint targets and tracks user behavior in much the same way campaign management systems for mailing lists do. It’s not as monumental a concept as X-Ray (another service AWS announced), but it fits in with Amazon’s overall ambition to allow most every aspect of an Amazon-backed app to be instrumented natively.

AWS Batch takes advantage of batch processing, and will essentially eliminate excessive spending for very large data processing, which has been a major pain point for developers. Batch is cost-optimized, priority-based, fully managed and scales dynamically. VentureBeat sums up the news nicely in a recent post you can find here.

AWS Lambda@Edge, which is now in Preview, allows individuals to write functions deployed to the AWS network of Edge locations in response to CloudFront. The new feature allows developers to customize or personalize content for end users close to where they are located, minimizing network latency. See here for more of the details.

Fun Facts Heard at the Conference

  • A lot of people are excited about Lambda@Edge, which was referred to on social as both “the most disruptive technology” of the entire event and offering “a big benefit to high-traffic websites.” It’s also gotten more than a few “wows!
  • According to keynote speaker U.S. Chief Data Scientist DJ Patil, the POTUS gave his team a mission: To responsibly unleash the power of data for the benefit of all Americans.

Our time at re:Invent is almost coming to a close – it’s been a week chock-full of information and useful insights we can all take back to our organizations and start to figure out how to implement some of these new services and tools. To see further thoughts from our team about the week’s announcements and buzz of activity, check out our AWS re:Invent Day One Recap and AWS re:Invent Day Two Recap.

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