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AWS re:Invent Day Two Recap

Picking back up where we left off yesterday, here are some highlights from Day Two of AWS re:Invent. Understandably, most of the day was buzzing around the service and product announcements made by AWS.


Here are the recently announced AWS news and additional services that we found most intriguing.

Amazon Lex – As in, the technology behind Alexa, the voice on the Amazon Echo. This is the first time AWS has offered artificial intelligence services that make use of deep learning, like automatic speech recognition and natural-language understanding. Amazon Lex lets you use AWS Lambda functions to implement the business logic for your bot, including connections to your enterprise applications and data. Other artificial intelligence services include Amazon Rekognition, which enables developers to quickly and easily build applications that analyze images, and recognize faces, objects, and scenes, as well as Amazon Polly, a text-to-speech service that offers 47 voices and 27 languages. Users can process up to 5 million characters per month. To read more about the new AI services, see here.

Amazon Aurora Update – Saying it was the top Aurora customer request, AWS announced the managed cloud database engine now supports the PostgreSQL structured database. According to the AWS blog, this open source database has been under continuous development for 20 years and has found a home in many enterprises and startups. Customers like the enterprise features (similar to those offered by SQL Server and Oracle), performance benefits, and the geospatial objects associated with PostgreSQL. They now have access to these capabilities while also taking advantage of all that Aurora has to offer. To read more about the new Aurora update, see here.

AWS Greengrass – Newly announced software that allows customers to run AWS compute, messaging, data caching, and sync capabilities on connected devices. With the new service, Amazon notes that devices can run AWS Lambda functions to perform tasks locally, keep device data in sync, and communicate with other devices while leveraging the full processing, analytics, and storage power of the AWS Cloud. As we anticipated, this new service addresses the increasing IoT trend as enterprises are increasingly managing on-premises infrastructure that is not located in a data center. To read more about the new service, see here.

AWS Snowball Edge – AWS announced the 100TB Snowball Edge, with clustering, S3 endpoint & AWS Lambda inside, which is an update from last year’s popular Snowball storage container announcement. According to TechCrunch, users of the new Snowball Edge will be able to perform basic analysis of their data right from each device. This is ideal for fieldwork and situations where real-time insights are a requirement. As with last year’s model, data can be sent straight to AWS data centers when the device fills up. To read more about Snowball Edge, see here.

AWS Lightsail – AWS announced AWS Lightsail which provides virtual private servers (VPS) starting at $5 per month. The service provides the simplicity of a VPS, backed by the power, reliability, and security of AWS, according to AWS chief evangelist Jeff Barr in a blog post. Starting at $5 per month for 512MB of memory, 1 virtual CPU, 20GB of SSD storage, and 1TB of data transfer, Lightsail is priced to compete and addresses a market segment for developers deploying smaller projects.

And to catch up on all the news stemming from the conference, Jordan Novet with VentureBeat does a nice summary here.

Fun Facts Heard at the Conference

  • In 2010, AWS’s pace of innovation was 61 new capabilities daily. This year, it’s almost 1,000. See here for proof.
  • AWS introduced 7 new compute resources today at re:Invent including Elastic GPUs.
  • AWS introduced services utilizing Artificial Intelligence in a trend expected to continue.

And finally, be sure to check out AWS’ live streams of the latest notable keynotes and sessions to stay up to date throughout the week: Check back here for more analysis and highlights from our team throughout the conference.

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