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Introducing Trebuchet™

In my work with DualSpark and, now, Datapipe, there is one term that I’ve heard with growing frequency over the years – the Uber Effect. For the uninitiated, the Uber Effect can be defined in four words: the customer is king. What the customer wants, the customer gets. The business that is able to react to customer demands the fastest, and provide the best user experience, wins.

While this on-demand economy is great for the consumer, many enterprises are still trying to figure out the best process for dealing with the Uber Effect and how to keep up with the constant, evolving demands customers place on the business and their systems.

Trebuchet™ is our answer for them.

Trebuchet™ is a comprehensive set of proven processes that are combined to create an end-to-end platform that will accelerate the deployment of your business’ applications. It is a platform that will help developers architect, design, built, test, and deploy software rapidly while meeting security and governance requirements. It will help executives and IT managers deliver value to customers, drive the business forward, and keep ahead of the market and competitors.

This is what Trebuchet™ does. To learn more about how Trebuchet™ does this, I encourage you to check out our press release announcing the Trebuchet™ beta period or visit

These blogs are a great starting point for more technical detail on the tools and services we are using to build and support this new platform:

We’ll be sharing a lot more about Trebuchet™ as our beta period progresses. Check back regularly for updates, in-depth blogs on Trebuchet™ features, and more. If your company is interested in participating in the beta, feel free to contact us through the form on

About Patrick McClory

Patrick McClory
Patrick McClory has been writing code, managing DevOps, and designing scalable application infrastructures for over ten years. Most recently, as COO and CTO of DualSpark, Patrick served as an expert Amazon Web Services consultant, helping clients capitalize on the benefits of cloud architecture and design with modern and innovative software, infrastructure, and automation strategies leveraging solutions from AWS. After the recent acquisition of DualSpark by Datapipe, Patrick assumed the role of SVP of Platform Engineering and Delivery Services, where his expertise is put to good use overseeing Datapipe’s global Automation and DevOps as well as Strategic Consulting and Platform teams. In this role, Patrick manages several teams including our client-focused service delivery team focused on enabling customers to transform their businesses by leveraging cloud-based patterns and practices.

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