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Looking Back at Gartner Symposium

This past week a number of us from the Datapipe team attended Gartner Symposium in Orlando, FL. This is an event I always love taking part in, as it’s a terrific way to touch base with Gartner analysts and meet executives across a wide variety of industries. Though the event is in our rearview mirror, I wanted to touch on a few of the highlights of my experience.

There were a number of great sessions at Gartner Symposium – one that particularly stood out to me was “The Cloud Computing Scenario: Cloud — the Last 10 and the Next 10 Years” by Gartner analyst Daryl C. Plummer. In the presentation, Plummer emphasized that we’ve moved from “cloud maybe” to “cloud first,” and are starting to transition towards “cloud only.” IT spending on public cloud services confirms that point; this year, $203 billion will be spent on public cloud services, up from $120 billion just three years ago. And three years from now, spending will increase to $313 billion.

Indeed, cloud thinking has become more strategic, with IT modernization joining cost savings, agility, and innovation as top reasons companies use or consider using the cloud, according to a recent Gartner survey. One slide in Plummer’s presentation featured companies that have gone “cloud first” in their approach. We were thrilled to see BMJ – a prestigious company we worked with to move over 200 virtual machines running its applications 24-7 in a private cloud infrastructure, improving efficiency and release cycle – as one of those featured companies.

I also had the honor of speaking on The Gartner VIP Sponsor panel. I really wanted to stress how exhibiting companies can make Gartner Symposium a successful event and how we’ve seen it evolve over the years. More than ever, it’s critical to get out and interact face-to-face with people while in attendance. Whether it’s analysts, folks from the C-level, or people who have never heard about your product or service, in this age of email and social media, engaging with someone in person truly helps you stand out. I had a number of conversations during the event that further built the solid relationships we’ve worked to establish.

We’re proud to have a long-standing relationship with Gartner, and events like these are great opportunities to meet important players in the cloud industry. In fact, we’re already booked for 2017 in Orlando – if you’re also attending, we’d love to meet you and chat about your cloud journey.

To see even more from Gartner Symposium, check out our Storify recap of the event.

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