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Diginomica: Agile and DevOps are the Right Prescription for BMJ’s Digital Transformation

This week I’d like to take a look at a recent piece of coverage in diginomica from Jessica Twentyman regarding our recent work with the British Medical Journal and their IT transformation.

Here are some of my favorite excerpts from the piece that highlight the great work our team at Datapipe is capable of:

Having issued a request for proposal last year, BMJ drew up a list of 15 managed service providers that it believed could help it migrate its systems to a new, fully automated private cloud environment, in which each BMJ product would have its own set of application and database servers, so that code and files could be reliably deployed to each application server.

The ability to provide access to public cloud infrastructure was also important, as was delivering a ‘single pane of glass’ management console to enable BMJ IT staff to monitor both private and public environments. This list was narrowed to a shortlist of three companies, of which Datapipe came out on top. According to Alex Hooper, BMJ’s head of operations:

“Datapipe had managed AWS; they did hybrid clouds, they could help us expand into China and they had the adaptability to work with us in the way we wanted. Some vendors draw a line – you’re either fully managed or not at all, but Datapipe had the flexibility and the know-how to work BMJ’s way.”

Much of the migration work, meanwhile, has taken place during 2016, says Cooper:

“In the last six months, we’ve moved 200-plus virtualized environments from the previous set-up into the new one. The one KPI [Key Performance Indicator] I set was that customers shouldn’t notice we were moving [because of experiencing downtime]. In nine months, we had in total around 30 minutes of tiny outages, none of them lasting more than a couple of minutes each – I think that’s pretty damn amazing.”

Already, the Datapipe-led migration has whittled down the time it takes the BMJ to set up a development environment from two weeks to around two hours, but the plan now is to move to a hybrid cloud environment and start building those dev environments in the AWS public cloud.

To read more of Jessica’s piece, including how the BMJ team is adopting agile methodologies such as DevOps, you can find the full piece here. To read up on the comprehensive work we did on behalf of BMJ, check out our case study page:

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