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Amazon’s Ongoing Success – The Next Generation of Managed Services

Late last month Amazon Web Services (AWS) released that it will be a $10 billion business by the end of 2016. In a letter to stakeholders, Jeff Bezos says that in 2015, while Amazon as a whole “became the fastest company ever to reach $100 billion in annual sales,” its Amazon Web Services division will reach the $10 billion mark at a pace even faster than Amazon achieved that milestone. Bezos also states that more than one million people from organizations of every size use AWS across nearly every industry.

The industry has been buzzing ever since earnings were announced with talks of success and its expanded AWS services, which now tally 70. In a recent CRN article, Kevin McLaughlin reports that Amazon’s overall operating income was $1.07 billion for the quarter, compared to $255 million during last year’s quarter. He also states, “AWS partners who’ve grown accustomed to jaw-dropping financial results over the past year said they attribute the blowout quarter to Amazon’s intense focus on customers.”

Our own Patrick McClory weighed in on the discussion during a chat with Kevin, noting that Amazon’s customer-centric approach extends to AWS and also benefits the partner ecosystem. Patrick said, “AWS has been responsive in working with us. You can see the amount of effort they’re putting into improving the partner ecosystem at a business and technical level.”

Unlike some who are new to managing AWS environments, our work with AWS isn’t a new business decision. We’ve been long-time supporters of AWS – in 2010 we launched our managed services for AWS, transforming the managed service provider industry and defining best practices for public cloud management. We have been a close AWS partner since their launch, continually evolving to bring next-generation public and hybrid cloud solutions and best practices to enterprises around the world. The recent AWS sales report affirms how we strive to anticipate market changes, especially as enterprises look to recognize the efficiencies of the cloud and move additional workloads to AWS environments. As an industry leader, we pride ourselves on partnering with like-minded, innovative organizations – companies that are also experts in their fields, who can work with us to provide our clients with the very best in custom solutions, managed services, security, and reliability. It’s this reason we were attracted to AWS way back in 2010.

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