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Microsoft News: Azure Backup Platform Now Available for ARM VM

A few weeks ago, Microsoft announced that its Azure Backup platform is now available for Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Virtual Machines (VM) in public preview. This new service addresses Azure Backup’s previous problem of only being able to see classic VMs, and not the new generation of Azure VMs using ARM. Azure Backup allows organizations to back up and restore data in the Microsoft cloud while delivering all the advantages of a power and affordable backup solution; I’ve detailed some of the benefits below:

  • Unlimited scaling: Azure Backup uses the power and scale of the Azure cloud, which means organizations can take advantage of high availability guarantees without worrying about the cost of maintenance and monitoring.
  • Multiple storage options: Organizations can choose their backup storage solution based on their need. Azure Backup offers a “locally redundant storage block blob” that is ideal for those who are price-conscious, or a “geo-replication storage block blob that provides three more copies in a paired datacenter” ensuring backup data is highly available even in an Azure-site disaster.
  • Unlimited data transfer: With Azure Backup, there are no charges for outbound or inbound data transfers.
  • Data encryption: Data encryption ensures the secure transmission and storage of data in the cloud. The encryption key, which is stored at the source and never transmitted or stored in Azure, is required to restore any of the data – and exclusively belongs to the organization.
  • Application-consistent backup: With application-consistent backups, fixes are not needed during restores, which reduces recovery time and allows organizations to return to an operational state more quickly.
  • Automatic storage management: Azure Backup uses a pay-as-you-use consumption model that automatically allocates and manages backup storage, so no need to spend money on on-premise storage devices.

We’re excited to see Microsoft has updated its Azure Backup solution to include support for ARM VMs. To learn more about the upgrade, click here. If you’re interested in learning more about how Datapipe can help you with these, and other Microsoft services, visit:

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