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Partner spotlight: Equinix

As an industry leader, we pride ourselves on partnering with like-minded, innovative organizations – companies that are also experts in their fields, who can work with us to provide our clients the very best in custom solutions, managed services, security, and reliability. We don’t enter into partnerships lightly and deliberately look to do good work with good people.

This week I wanted to dive into our close relationship with Equinix, who has played an integral role in our success. I recently sat down with Umesh Shah, Sr. Partner Marketing Manager at Equinix to discuss how this partnership is mutually beneficial for both organizations, as well as how it enables us to provide secure, high-performance hybrid IT solutions that allow clients to remain competitive and relevant in today’s demanding marketplace.

How does the Equinix partnership address the evolving needs of IT?

The Equinix and Datapipe partnership began over 15 years ago, and while both companies have grown and evolved over the course of our relationship, our focus has always been on solving complex IT problems for our clients. The solutions we develop are never “off the rack” and often involve a mix of traditional, public, and private cloud infrastructures. Through our partnership with Equinix, we offer true hybrid IT solutions with global reach, scale, and organizational agility. We keep the client front and center in everything we do. Our strategic partnership with Equinix extends our data center footprint allowing us to deliver global infrastructure solutions for our clients, exactly where they need it.

Our partnership also provides management and optimization services on top of the direct connections to AWS and Microsoft Azure available in Equinix facilities. This joint solution delivers hybrid capabilities combined with cloud optimization services, advanced security, compliance, and performance demands of the enterprise. More information on these Hybrid Solutions can be found here for AWS and here for Azure.

How are Datapipe and Equinix working together to expand the value Datapipe brings to clients?

Our clients are the core of our business. We never try to force-fit an organization into a pre-built solution; instead we design and build custom solutions that fit their unique business requirements. Partnering with Equinix allows us to offer a fully managed global footprint, giving us the ability to provide more flexibility, scalability, and support to our clients. Between Datapipe and Equinix, businesses are guaranteed to have the expertise and experience to handle the changing infrastructure needs of today’s rapidly evolving IT landscape.

What does partnership success with Equinix look like to you?

To date, Equinix and Datapipe have been focused on developing integrated solutions – comprised of seamless, automated, on-demand technology and service components – that accelerate cloud adoption. We’ve been able to expand into Equinix’s more than 100 data center locations to extend our global footprint and by doing so, we can provide clients with a managed solution that offers the benefits of agile cloud environments and traditional IT environments.

In 2016, we know hybrid cloud is going to be even more prevalent. Multiple industry analysts have pointed to an increased migration to the cloud and off of their own premises. More often than not, these migrations require the movement of physical infrastructure into collocated facilities with low latency connections to the cloud. Success with Equinix in 2016 means continuing to transform our clients’ businesses by developing secure, high-performance hybrid IT solutions that allow them to remain competitive and relevant in today’s demanding marketplace.

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