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The need for expertise in securing AWS environments

It’s no secret that security is a concern for enterprises considering a move to the cloud. And it’s understandable–after all, you’re moving from your own data center to a new environment. Anytime you enter a new situation, it can cause trepidation. In the past, those worries were mostly unfounded, as the concern was about new technology rather than legitimate threats. Now, however, as more businesses turn to the cloud, the potential for security threats is much higher.

Don’t let that scare you, though. Cloud security shouldn’t be a roadblock to wider cloud adoption. Instead, it should be an opportunity to find the right cloud solution for you. In particular, it should stress the need for expertise in creating a secure environment within AWS.

Why is it so crucial to have an experienced partner that can assist with an AWS environment? Consider this: cloud IT infrastructure spending will reach $54.6 billion by 2019, accounting for nearly half of total spending on IT infrastructure. If there’s a mistake in your migration to the cloud, it will prove to be quite costly. Education and training can and should play a role in a cloud security effort, though training will only take you so far.

You’ll also want to automate whenever possible. Our September acquistion of DualSpark allows us to create high-scale, agile solutions with continuous monitoring to reduce latency and improve governance. And as DualSpark is an Advanced AWS Consulting Partner, our customers can take advantage of everything AWS has to offer. In some cases, an organization may not even know what is available – like detailed analytics, global computation, and deployment services. The customers who partner with service providers that have “been there before” will have far fewer headaches than those who try to go it alone, or work with an inexperienced company.

One of the greatest cloud security challenges an organization can face is the need to abide by security regulations. Complicating the process even further, many countries have their own laws. Why is this an issue? Service providers frequently have multiple data centers in locations around the world. Something that’s perfectly fine in one location may be restricted in another.

What’s more, several tools and strategies that work well with traditional cybersecurity aren’t as effective in cloud environments. The people making cloud decisions within an organization have to take a good hard look at their cybersecurity capabilities. And often, this results in the development of new plans and tools specifically designed for cloud-based networks.

For enterprises in the government space, we recently were granted a Provisional FedRAMP Authority to Operate, which enables us to deliver the highest level of security and performance set by FedRAMP’s stringent compliance standards. Governance is one of the most complex aspects of cloud computing. Knowing your business and its sensitive data is working with someone that can provide private cloud and dedicated hosting environments to government agencies is quite a relief.

Business decision-makers already have a lot on their plate. If you’re interested in AWS, there’s no reason not to rely on an expert to get you optimal infrastructure. The expert partner can dive deeply into AWS—after all, this isn’t a new experience for them—and can get you the governance and security controls that are the best fit for your business. That way, you can focus on the other things your company needs, all the while knowing you have a blueprint for success within the cloud. For more information, please visit our AWS page.

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