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Just how much is AWS really worth?

As an AWS Partner since 2010, Datapipe is proud to also be one of the first to have completed the third party audit and be named a Partner in their new AWS Managed Service Provider Program. Over these past five years, we’ve seen new products and services galore. In fact, Amazon released 516 new features in 2014 alone, showcasing the creativity and customer support that has become synonymous with the Amazon name. We enjoy our partnership with AWS because, like us, they’re constantly looking for ways to improve the cloud experience for customers.

That’s invaluable in and of itself – knowing you have a positive force in your corner able to ensure your business runs smoothly. That value cannot be overstated. But we do like to put a number on things, so how much is AWS worth in Wall Street’s eyes?

Deutsche Bank recently forecast AWS to book $16 billion in revenue by 2017. Based on a 10x multiple, that means AWS has a valuation of about $160 billion. Perhaps even more impressive than those numbers is Amazon’s growth. In its most recent quarter, AWS grew 78% year over year. It was also profitable at $521 million, giving it a 25% margin. Deutsche Bank estimates that AWS is actually the fastest-growing enterprise technology company ever.

This should hardly come as a surprise. AWS has always been at the forefront of innovative, cutting-edge technology, with the goal of putting customers first. We’ve been fortunate enough to work with them on a number of exciting offerings, like our Datapipe Access Control Model for AWS (DACMA), a way for enterprises to enhance their AWS security while retaining their keys and offer role-based access, among other features. DACMA was the result of listening to customers – not only about cloud security, but also on losing control once moving to the cloud.

As a business, there’s so much constantly going on that if you can take something off your plate, it’s worthwhile. The best kind of service is one that you barely have to think about because it’s making your work that much more efficient. AWS has proven time and time again that it’s capable of doing that, and we’re proud to have been one of the first to team up with them.

There’s plenty of opportunities on the horizon, too. We’re excited to see what AWS has on tap, and we’ll continue to build our relationship with them through dedicated support and managed services. To learn more, please visit our Managed Cloud for AWS page.

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