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Giving props


noun slang

  1. due respect and proper recognition.

“certain sectors of the music fraternity still refuse to give him props”

I live on props. It’s that figurative pat on the back that validates your actions and motivates you to do more. It fuels me to work harder, better, and longer. Don’t get me wrong, I love my paycheck, but paychecks don’t make you go the extra mile, they make you come in on time.

Organizational Behavior academics have debated different theories and methodologies on incentives, remuneration, leadership styles, etc for decades. I think it can be simplified down to one thing – props.

Props reaffirms one’s role in their team business unit or organisation. It reminds them that they are more then just another cog in the works. People want to be recognized appropriately for their work. If someone works weekends – they want to be known for it. They may not actually need more pay or a day in lieu – they’re just wanting their efforts to not be ignored. It’s warm and fuzzy and makes you work that little bit harder.

Datapipe received some props this week which we’re pretty excited about. Gartner has recognized us as a Visionary in the Asia/Pacific version of their Magic Quadrant for Cloud Enabled Managed Hosting.

We were a Challenger last year and this year we’ve leveled up to a Visionary, which is incredibly satisfying for us because we work really hard in creating a vision for our customers. It’s what brought me to Datapipe in the first place to head up their marketing program for Asia/Pacific and it’s the strategy that keeps me here.

Gartner Magic Quadrants are fantastic tools for evaluating the competitive landscape in a region. The Cloud Enabled Managed Hosting Quadrant visualizes 15 managed cloud providers in APAC on their Ability to Execute and their Completeness of Vision.

The positioning by Gartner validates our focus on innovation and our investment in new regions, technologies, people, and capabilities. In the last 12 months, we acquired a market leading DevOps and Automation consultancy in DualSpark, we’ve increased our staff in APAC by 20%, and we’ve confirmed our launch in Australia into two new data centers in Sydney and Melbourne. Datapipe remains business focused on delivering the best possible outcome for its’ customers – 75% of our employees sit in our Customer Operations Teams and are there to help customers migrate, move, and manage their cloud environments. We built a Centre of Excellence with AWS and we became the only Platinum Partner of Equinix.

Thanks Gartner for the props! It’s going to make us work even more harder, better, and stronger!

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