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Azure ExpressRoute enables hybrid cloud for the enterprise

Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute is a feature that enables the enterprise to leverage the hyper-scale power of the Azure public cloud for their dedicated infrastructure via a direct, private connection to Azure. Private networks are a staple of today’s corporate IT landscape enabling organizations to ensure performance and consistency yet limiting access to sensitive resources. To meet the needs of today’s enterprise, however, corporate IT must increasingly turn to public cloud as a part of their IT strategy. ExpressRoute allows organizations access to the vast resources of the Azure public cloud while extending the benefits of a private network including higher bandwidth, faster network speed, and lower latency. ExpressRoute becomes the key building block to implementing enterprise hybrid-cloud scenarios.

A public cloud like Microsoft Azure is a tremendous resource that most enterprises cannot replicate with their own infrastructure or personnel. Utilizing a public cloud enables the implementation of workloads with high availability, scalability, and elastic provisioning of required infrastructure. These benefits dramatically increase the agility of the enterprise and would be very difficult to achieve without a very high capital investment. ExpressRoute allows an enterprise to take advantage of all the benefits of the public cloud without sacrificing the increased privacy and higher network speeds of the corporate network.

In this fashion, ExpressRoute also enables a long list of hybrid scenarios, which allow enterprises to take advantage of a variety of benefits that cannot be matched with a purely public or private cloud scenario. The hybrid cloud allows enterprises to take advantage of the cloud without fully abandoning legacy systems – and the market is taking notice. According to the Wall Street Journal, the hybrid cloud market is set to exceed $84.67 billion by 2019, as CIOs are eager to expand past their on premise data centers. Some additional hybrid scenarios noted by Microsoft executives include backup to/from Azure, batch applications scaled to Azure yet connecting back to dedicated storage or database, Big Data and IoT analysis and machine learning and quality of service for Office 365 voice and video.

For the enterprise, Datapipe is a key partner. The Datapipe vision for IT is one in which dedicated infrastructure continues to co-exist with public cloud infrastructure. Although this is a newer vision for most in the MSP field, it is not for Datapipe. We were the first MSP with this vision and it is one we continue to execute on today. For each Hybrid scenario, Datapipe is the single source partner. We can help the enterprise develop a hybrid strategy, build the solution and manage it over the lifecycle of the system.

For all its benefits, ExpressRoute is not trivial to set up and maintain. Datapipe maintains ExpressRoute exchange partners and has dedicated Azure experts that customers can leverage. Just as Azure is an excellent resource for an enterprise to leverage in infrastructure, the ExpressRoute experience of Datapipe is an excellent option for organizations that cannot commit the time or internal resources to this feature. In addition, hybrid scenarios, while very advantageous, are complex and it’s important to partner with a knowledgeable partner that can provide you with the expertise needed for this type of business transformation.

ExpressRoute gives enterprises the confidence of a private connection when moving operations to the public cloud. It also provides them with the choice to take advantage of their private network and allows for increased control over their data, making it the right choice for many enterprises. Datapipe’s expertise can ease an enterprise’s transition to the cloud across the entire public and private infrastructure landscape to determine the right path for a company.

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