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Client focus: D+M Group migrates 15 physical data centers into three private clouds

D+M Group is a distributor of high-end audio and video components recognized for its advanced digital technology, high-performance engineering, and unique designs, and is known for delivering a powerful audio and video experience. The company’s IT infrastructure, however, was lacking. Spurred by the prospect of greater efficiencies and less redundancy, D+M embraced the cloud and plunged in headfirst.

We worked with D+M to consolidate its 15 international data centers and nearly all of the company’s IT services into three hybrid clouds, hosted and managed on our high-performance Stratosphere Elastic Cloud platform. In addition to the consolidation, the company took advantage of Datapipe’s platform as a service (PaaS), infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and software as a service (SaaS) cloud paradigms for critical corporate applications and business processes. When conducting the consolidation, our team performed a staggered global migration over a six-month time period in US, Asia, and Europe. This migration included adapting our migration and service delivery model to adjust for regional and cultural differences. Datapipe sent dedicated technical resources to on site various locations in Asia and Europe to ensure a smooth migration for D+M.

The advantages of D+M’s cloud overhaul were immediate. D+M now has a much leaner, more agile IT organization that can ramp up new applications and technology in a fraction of the time it used to take – with no need for new in-house expertise.

As John Jackson, vice president Global Infrastructure and Procurement at D+M Group, said, “In the past, we would need a month to spec and purchase servers and install, configure and deploy new servers or applications. With the cloud, we can deploy new applications within a little more than a week, at most, sometimes in a matter of hours.”

Additionally, costs are much more predictable than they were when IT was purchasing, configuring, and troubleshooting a lot of its own hardware and software. And D+M can now scale hardware and software on demand to maintain performance during peak usage periods and help service businesses on a global scale.

More recently, D+M designed the base infrastructure for its new HEOS services to run on the AWS platform. Datapipe took over this infrastructure, integrated it with D+M’s existing IT organization, and now manages this environment.

Up next for D+M?

“We would like to include Datapipe as part of our architectural team so that they can offer guidance on the right infrastructure solution as we develop our products, rather than retrofitting our existing environments. This will make it easier for us to move continuously from development to production to deployment,” said Tony Scrimenti, Director of Global Infrastructure and Vendor Management at D+M.

Datapipe will continue to provide back-end cloud solutions as D+M expands its HEOS product line into the systems integration arena. By collecting and analyzing product data from the HEOS units, the team will be leveraging “Internet of Things” principles and approaches with the goal of improving the HEOS products.

Creating a single, efficient IT organization from a number of disparate entities and IT departments was a daunting challenge, but one we were happy to help with. Our success with D+M initially sparked a partnership that has allowed us to continue to strengthen and build their IT organization and help them meet their evolving business strategy.

Check out the full case study for more details.

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