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Is Microsoft’s cloud platform the right option for your company?

The Microsoft vision for cloud is a hybrid vision that includes both public and private cloud options to match a customer’s requirements. Datapipe is uniquely positioned to help customers execute on this vision as we plan, build and run hybrid IT environments every day. We provide the most comprehensive suite of managed services available for public, private, and hybrid IT environments based on the Microsoft Cloud Platform. A private cloud environment may be the best option for customers with unique workload requirements that fall under such categories as security, performance or integration or customers that desire a different financial model from the public cloud. Our deep operational experience with Microsoft across public and private platforms separates us from other service providers. We offer managed services in which we can design, implement and manage three different Microsoft platform options; private, dedicated Hyper-V virtualized environments, dedicated private cloud environments based on Windows Azure Pack and hybrid scenarios of either with Microsoft Azure public cloud. One of the trickiest parts for any enterprise considering a new cloud solution is identifying the best option for implementation. Below are some recommendations on how Datapipe can help identity the right cloud platform for your company.

Similarities between public and private

Regardless of which route you take, you’ll see multiple benefits on the Microsoft platform. For starters, Datapipe managed cloud reduces costs and easily integrates cloud services within an existing infrastructure. This improves an enterprise’s speed to market while also establishing an infrastructure for the future. We offer a flexible “pay only for what you use” pricing model. Users can choose a per use monthly, hourly or predictable monthly cost.

Security has always been a concern in moving to the cloud, but with our extensive security expertise and unique security services, we put those fears to ease. We pair the management, identity and security features of Microsoft Cloud Platform with our internal tools and expertise to provide guidance and services for all security needs. Coupled with our deep Microsoft and Azure expertise and 24/7 support, enterprises can be more responsive and scalable. After all, business needs can quickly change. If you’re responsive, you’ll be ahead of the curve and can get the flexibility of the cloud while keeping your data secure.

Microsoft Azure – a long partnership

Datapipe was the first MSP to directly manage Azure public workloads, provide a single pane of glass for all Microsoft infrastructures, and unify management of applications across Azure, private cloud, and Hybrid environments. We’re proud to be a Microsoft Cloud OS Gold Partner; our expertise with the Microsoft platform is demonstrated with highly available, scalable environments we have built and managed for customers using System Center and Hyper-V for a private cloud solution designed to meet the requirements of enterprise workloads.

Datapipe’s team will work with yours to develop and implement a custom plan that accounts for your workflow and business requirements. This ranges from application analysis and prioritization for Azure deployments, solution design and future state architecture (including hybrid configurations), and a migration strategy and execution plan.

In addition to the discovery and design phase, Datapipe will build and optimize your environment:

  • Automated deployment of multi-region
  • Scalable Azure environments
  • Security controls and established governance models
  • Ongoing performance monitoring and cost optimization

If you’ve already deployed Azure, we can still assist with optimization. See below for architecture of an e-commerce website, for example.

Differences in the private cloud

This managed private cloud provides the complete stack in a dedicated environment, including computing, storage, security, and network. Most importantly, enterprises get the most out of the Microsoft Cloud Platform through Datapipe. A Microsoft server with Hyper-V virtualization provides a more flexible infrastructure, complete virtual machine mobility with “shared nothing” live migration for faster, unrestricted, simultaneous migrations between cluster nodes with absolutely zero downtime, and virtual machine live cloning. This allows duplication of a VM while running.

Meanwhile, the Microsoft System Center—a purpose-built Orchestration solution—brings the components of Windows Server 2012 R2 with Hyper-V and the Microsoft Cloud OS together in one easy-to-use package. The Operations Manager provides usage metering for the self-service infrastructure, and the Virtual Machine manager offers the tools to manage VMs, compute, storage, and network resources.

Check out the example architecture below. We’re able to provide the same user experience on Azure, but in a private cloud solution. You can gain more time to focus on actual business-specific solutions while we handle the configuration, support, and management of server, database and storage infrastructure.


Whether you’re only considering moving to the cloud or have already deployed in a Microsoft environment, we can help you take things to the next level. Visit our Microsoft managed cloud page for more information and get started with a $3000 credit.

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