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Datapipe Managed Cloud update announcement

Datapipe’s Stratosphere cloud is a globally available managed cloud hosted by Datapipe. We built Stratosphere on the Citrix CloudPlatform (powered by Apache CloudStack) to provide a cloud that simplifies the orchestration and operation of cloud infrastructure for customers. Our comprehensive suite of managed services are leveraged by customers in Stratosphere.

The Datapipe cloud team has been busy working with Citrix on a Stratosphere update based on the recent release of CloudPlatform 4.5.1. The purpose behind this update is twofold: to implement improvements to ensure customer confidence in the platform, and to introduce features that customers will find valuable, giving them more control of their cloud environment.

Platform improvements include upgrades to increase reliability, resiliency and supportability, including:

Reliability – Consistent performance of core features

  • Improvements to VM create, delete and migrate scenarios

Resiliency – maintain service levels despite challenges

  • System failure recovery improvements

Supportability – introduce features for increased quality of support

  • Improved troubleshooting and debugging features
  • Virtual Router support capabilities

With the new release, the foundation is laid for a series of exciting new Stratosphere features. The following is a short list of the near-term roadmap items for Stratosphere:

  • Regions – A region is the largest available organizational unit consisting of several availability zones. Regions are a useful technique for providing fault tolerance and disaster recovery by deployment across multiple regions and also improve and decrease network latency across cloud locations
  • GPU Offloading – This feature enables the system to offload intensive tasks from CPU to GPU. This provides a significant increase in performance for scenarios including data processing, image processing and video and graphics use cases
  • New VM Auto-scaling Options – Scale VMs based on latency or traffic load plus floor and ceiling threshold options
  • Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) – A VPC is a logically isolated part of CloudPlatform that can have its own admin defined network topology resembling a traditional physical network
  • Provisioned IOPS – This feature lets users specify storage performance requirements for designated VM types

For more information on Datapipe Stratosphere visit our page at To speak with a Datapipe representative about Stratosphere, complete our contact form at

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