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DualSpark Customer Usage Scenarios

DualSpark focuses on strategy, custom solutions, and automation optimization to get enterprises up and running in their AWS environments faster, with a low overall cost, and a well-supported solution. By adding DualSpark’s extensive AWS expertise, the recent achievement of Chef Certified Partner status, and the company’s hot-seat location in Seattle and throughout the west coast, Datapipe will be uniquely positioned to bring AWS consulting, architecting, and ongoing support to enterprises around the globe.

Datapipe has been designing and managing AWS solutions for over six years, and has been called a pioneer in the space as one of the first Managed Service Providers to offer solutions tailored to meet individual client needs. Datapipe offers a number of AWS tools and services to create these tailored solutions, including Datapipe Access Control Model for AWS and Datapipe Automation Services, and has also been named an AWS Premier Consulting Partner and AWS Managed Service Provider Partner.

Examples of the expertise and capabilities Datapipe will now have as a result of the DualSpark acquisition include:

Investing in the Internal IT Team

Often, an enterprise has a capable internal IT team that the company wishes to invest in with comprehensive, advanced training on AWS optimization from strategy to deployment. In these cases, DualSpark walks through the entire AWS migration process with the internal team to transfer knowledge at all stages and ensure the internal team will be able to effectively and efficiently take control of ongoing management at the end of the project.

Specialized Training for Engineers

Internal teams do not always need comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of AWS; rather, they may only require specialized training in the areas of AWS that are most specific to its business. In these cases, DualSpark develops specific, specialized training for an enterprise’s engineering team, making it easier for the company to onboard new engineers as well as continue to develop the existing team’s knowledge base.

High Compliance and Regulatory Requirements

Many enterprises, like those within the financial or health industries, are beholden to complicated, high compliance and regulatory requirements, which can be difficult to deploy and maintain properly without detailed AWS experience. In these cases, DualSpark develops and deploys an optimized compliance solution, manageable internally or through a third party managed service provider, to ensure the enterprise’s AWS environment remains compliant.

New-to-Cloud Engagements

There are many organizations exploring their cloud options for the first time. For these customers, DualSpark works with the enterprise from start to finish and walks the company through developing a customized cloud strategy. Based on the customer’s unique business requirements, DualSpark architects and prototypes the cloud operating platform and components, and deploys the new AWS environment. DualSpark also assists with management hand-off to internal teams and/or to third-party managed service providers.

With the acquisition of DualSpark, Datapipe is able to offer an even deeper level of expertise to its AWS customers as part of our award-winning support and managed services. Visit our website to learn more about the flexibility, scalability and power of our managed services for AWS.


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