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Industry accolades underline Datapipe’s priority: the customer

There are several different managed service providers available. Businesses must do their due diligence to determine which one best fits their needs because they aren’t all created equal. At Datapipe, we believe in educating users as much as possible, demonstrating all that we offer. Of course, it helps when the industry backs up our claims, as well. Datapipe is honored to be included in industry awards and achievements that few, if any, of our competitors have also accomplished.

Coming In First

Major analysts acknowledge the work we’ve done, as well. We’re the only global MSP recognized by both Gartner and Forrester in 2014 as a leader in our field. Gartner emphasized our support of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and improved portfolio of compliance services, as well as the data center facilities and maturity we’ve shown in Mainland China. And we didn’t stop there, take a look at what 451 Research has to say about us.

Likewise, we’re the first company to become an Equinix Platinum Partner. We’ve worked with Equinix for quite some time, and this program expands upon our collaboration to provide managed hybrid IT solutions. This all ties in to our mission of giving enterprise customers increased security, choice and control for architecting, deploying, and managing enterprise applications and workloads in clouds throughout the globe.

A Global Presence

With 21 primary data center locations across three continents, we truly have a global presence. Other companies can’t lay claim to that. They do not have data center presence in Mainland China, or managed service support for AWS or Azure. The breadth and depth of their expertise is limited because of these location restrictions. If there’s not a data center where you’re located, you may be left waiting around during a crisis.

Meanwhile, our state-of-the-art facilities help us provide you with global reach, scale and organizational agility – wherever you are and whenever you need it.

What’s more, our competitors are ill equipped to offer comprehensive, true hybrid IT solutions. In today’s environment, cloud clients require multiple options and maximum security to flawlessly execute their plans. Other companies can’t provide that; Datapipe can. Why limit yourself?

It’s All About The Customer

We cannot stress this enough: it really is all about the customer not attempting to preserve your business model to satisfy shareholders. Other companies—like Rackspace—may talk a big game, for instance, claiming Azure managed support. But without Microsoft Azure public cloud support, you can’t build and manage true Hybrid Microsoft clouds – which means an enormous group of customers can’t be served. We’re set up to help more effectively than any other MSP when it comes to architecting, building, migrating and managing multi-platform hybrid IT solutions.

It always is an honor to be recognized by our industry—that means we’re consistently providing customers with what they need in order to be successful. But there’s still plenty more to come, and we look forward to all that lies ahead.

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Craig Sowell
Chief Marketing Officer at Datapipe. Craig leads Datapipe’s global marketing initiatives including the management of the Datapipe brand, product management, and all facets of marketing execution.

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