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Managed Azure backup offers unbeatable advantages

Since the technology first appeared on the scene, one of the most popular and valuable uses of cloud computing services has been data backup. Key to both disaster recovery and business continuity, cloud-based data backup allows companies to ensure their digital assets remain safe and secure at all times, no matter what.

But not every cloud backup solution offers the same level of performance, reliability or flexibility. To make the most of this use of cloud technology, businesses must be sure to choose the best offering available.

This is what makes Datapipe Managed Cloud for Azure so invaluable. This solution combines Datapipe's industry-leading managed service capabilities with the unique advantages offered by Microsoft's Azure platform, creating the ideal strategy for virtually any company's data backup needs. 

Azure offerings

The advantages that Azure provides are, in a sense, fairly straightforward. The platform has easily proven itself to be one of the most reliable and secure offerings on the market, providing clients with peace of mind as they move and store their backup data offsite.

Surpassing virtually all competitors, Azure maintains six copies of all client data, spread across two separate Azure data centers. This allows Azure to minimize the risk of data loss and deliver 99.9 percent service availability.

The Datapipe advantage

While Azure in and of itself is obviously a powerful choice for any company's data backup needs, the solution becomes far more valuable when combined with Datapipe's managed service offering. When it comes to cloud management, the tools that various service providers utilize is relatively consistent. The difference lies in the expertise needed to wield those tools effectively, maximizing value for clients. The Datapipe advantage is thanks to our years of experience which allows us to provide the most trustworthy, reliable cloud-based data backup available.

This is thanks largely to Datapipe's long partnership with Microsoft. For years, Datapipe has offered managed industry-leading services for private Microsoft cloud configurations. Now, those same services are available for the Azure platform. Based on the same Windows technology, Datapipe Managed Cloud for Azure provides clients with a complete, expansive solution that can accommodate public, private and data center-based data storage and backup. This allows clients to develop hybrid cloud deployment strategies that maximize efficiency while still ensuring that the most sensitive information is backed up in optimally secure private cloud configurations.

Datapipe Managed Cloud for Azure also delivers the highest degree of scalability and responsiveness, ensuring that companies can achieve true business continuity. 

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