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Enterprise Cloud Risk Management: How Datapipe can help

As cloud computing usage continues to increase within enterprises, so, too, does the importance of cloud risk management. Without best practices and high-quality security solutions, organizations cannot hope to fully take advantage of this powerful technology.

We recently offered several articles detailing key aspects of enterprise cloud risk management, including compliance and resilience issues. In this entry, we’ll take a look specifically at how Datapipe’s unique, industry-leading cloud offerings are ideal for this purpose. Datapipe is fully committed to helping our clients take full advantage of the cloud while minimizing any and all risks.

Compliance considerations

As our earlier article highlighted, three of the most important compliance standards that companies must abide by are HIPAA, PCI DSS and Sarbanes-Oxley. These three standards affect a tremendous number of enterprises, and ensuring that a firm’s cloud solutions comply with these regulations needs to be a high-level priority.

Datapipe has the ability to deliver this level of performance. This is thanks to a combination of dedication and expertise. Our cloud security and compliance professionals remain up to date on any changes in these rules, quickly taking action to ensure that our solutions continue to deliver top-tier capabilities. Additionally, we offer tailored offerings that are specifically designed to meet the varying needs of our diverse range of clients. We combine industry leading on-site physical security measures with the most advanced data protection models.

All of this allows companies to leverage the cloud to maximum effect without devoting precious time and effort toward achieving compliance – we handle that responsibility for our clients.

Managed security

Beyond meeting all compliance standards, there is the matter of straightforward security. Hackers and other cybercriminals see enterprise networks as valuable targets, and they are eager to take advantage of any available opportunity to access these protected systems. When a company begins to leverage cloud solutions, it needs to be sure that these environments do not prove tempting targets to these attackers.

But Datapipe can help. We offer industry-leading  managed security services, providing a robust, reliable layer of protection around a company’s cloud. Our security solutions combine proactive and reactive abilities to maximize our client’s defenses.

The core of our managed security offering is our Defense in Depth strategy. This layered methodology brings together people, technology and operations to create a solution that is perfect for protecting enterprise cloud networks. While vigilance is always necessary when leveraging the cloud, these resources can help enterprise leaders to rest easy, knowing their hosted services are defended by a dedicated team, 24/7/365.

Data backup and restoration

One last, key aspect of effective enterprise cloud risk management is data backup and restoration. The ability to store massive amounts of data off-site is undoubtedly one of the greatest advantages offered by cloud computing. Not only does this deliver cost-efficiency, but it also ensures that a firm’s assets remain safe in the event of a natural or man-made disaster.

For businesses to fully benefit from these cloud capabilities, and to minimize the risk to valuable data and other assets, though, enterprises need to be able to retrieve their cloud-stored information and other resources quickly and easily.

Datapipe provides this level of performance. Our managed storage solutions that are specifically designed to deliver high-quality, as-needed backup and restoration. We use a comprehensive portfolio of host-based storage options to effectively eliminate the risk of loss, and our strategies ensure that data is well-organized and therefore easily found. Whether complying with a legal request or recovering following an on-site power loss, enterprises relying on Datapipe can always access their cloud data, minimizing downtime.

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