Sunday, February 7, 2016

Asian cloud readiness: Three’s a cloud


As I recently discussed in an article on Asian Cloud Forum, businesses have come to understand the benefits of migrating to cloud – flexibility, accessibility, reduced storage costs, and even data security.

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Industry Spotlight: Retailers in the cloud


The face of retail is changing. With advancements in technology, consumers are growing to expect consistency regardless of when, where, and how they interact with the retailer. They also want access to the same products, pricing, and promotions that they get in-store, no matter what channel they are placing an order from.

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What the public cloud price war means for the enterprise


To call this a price war is admittedly a mischaracterization as it is really more of a follow-the-leader strategy. What has proved true is that very few other IaaS providers can compete with these price cuts so the circle of commodity, hyper-scale cloud providers continues to narrow.

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The benefits of utilizing AWS Direct Connect


Network operators may adjust their routing policy to decide how to send and receive traffic through adjacent autonomous systems. This is known as traffic engineering, and it's used for a variety of reasons.

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DevOps – what’s the point? (hint: there is one!)


Earlier this year, DualSpark merged with Datapipe to form a singularly unique team that cannot only talk the talk, but also walk the walk when it comes to cloud-native strategy and DevOps engineering capabilities.

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Tips to reduce cloud latency when dealing with data gravity

As data is pulled closer to that infrastructure, it can reduce latency, increase efficiencies and speed, as well as increase application performance, all of which can positively impact the end user’s experience.

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Introducing Joel Friedman as Datapipe’s New Chief Technology & Security Officer


As we kick off 2016, I am pleased to introduce Joel Friedman as Datapipe’s new Chief Technology & Security Officer. Joel has been with us for more than a decade and brings deep expertise in information security, product development, and IT management to the company.

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Cloud security industry to reach $11.2 billion in six years

Comprehensive approach essential for effective cloud security

It’s no secret the cloud is getting bigger. As more and more enterprises turn toward the cloud, their security needs will continue to remain important. Of course, that means more spending within the security industry.

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Cloud computing: It’s not just a game

“The Cloud” is often talked about as this ethereal concept, and even we are guilty of focusing our own cloud talk on the transformational benefits the cloud can have on enterprise IT, but there is so much more to it – what about the direct impact of the cloud in the day-to-day life of the average consumer?

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