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Apache Kafka and Amazon Kinesis Comparison And Migration Guide

Download the whitepaper to evaluate the cost and the exibility factors provided by each solution and decide the best path forward for their specific workloads.

The Importance of Operational Excellence for IT Service Providers

Download the whitepaper to learn about the five key areas that IT decision-makers should investigate to determine whether a potential IT services provider can offer operational excellence.

Hybird IT: The Future of the Cloud

In the coming years, this status quo will shift yet again - hybrid IT will almost certainly prove to be the cloud deployment of the future. Hybrid solutions deliver significant advantages over purely private or public approaches, and these benefits will become even more compelling as time goes on.

Beyond Your Bill: Optimize Cloud Management with Usage-driven resource Consumption

The explosive growth in cloud computing adoption in recent years has elevated the importance of having strong management of cloud deployments. Many of the conventional issues addressed by IT professionals in traditional data centers (physical infrastructure) remain unaltered in cloud deployments. However, using traditional systems management gear and techniques fails to address the characteristics of cloud-specific deployments.

Accelerating Cloud Deployment and Operations with Managed Services

In 2014, spending on cloud-related infrastructure and services is expected to reach $174.2 billion, according to research firm IHS Technology, up 20 percent from the previous year. This number is projected to rise to $235.1 by 2011. Forrester Research predicted that half of enterprises will prioritize deploying private clouds through commercial software in 2014.

Rethinking IT Operations in the Era of Cloud

Recent years have seen a continuously growing interest in cloud computing technologies. As usual with disruptions of this scale, every new technology—as well as existing ones—is now touted as “Cloud Something.” Despite this avalanche of adoption, an industry-wide consensus on the very definition of cloud computing has proved to be elusive.

Open Data Center Alliance Proof of Concept: Carbon Footprint and Energy Efficiency Rev. 1.0

The Open Data Center Alliance (ODCA) strongly advocates the use of green power sources, which can significantly help lower CO2 emissions, while recognizing that such sources are not available at every location. In all instances, the most efficient use of power, regardless of the method of generation, can have a large impact on the overall carbon footprint of cloud service workloads.

Datapipe: 100% Uptime Over 7 Years

For almost ten years, Netcraft has measured and made available the response times of leading hosting providers' websites. These performance measurements are made at fifteen minute intervals from separate points around the internet across North America and Europe. Each month, Netcraft publishes the results online. Datapipe is amongst the most reliable sites monitored by Netcraft, with a 100% uptime record over the past 7 years, and 99.99% over 9 years.

High Performance Oracle RAC Clusters Utilizing Infiniband and Reliable Datagram Sockets

Performance tuning is a complex topic especially when it comes to Real Application Cluster (RAC) databases. This paper will focus on one area of higher performing interconnects: Infiniband.

High Performance Oracle RAC Clusters: A Study of SSD SAN storage

Performance tuning is a complex topic especially when it comes to Real Application Cluster (RAC) databases. This paper will describe one approach to increasing performance without recoding an application. That approach is flash based SAN storage compared with spinning disk SAN storage.

Datapipe - On the Forefront of Compliance and Data Security

Q&A with Joel Friedman, Datapipe Chief Security Officer

Datapipe - Outsourcing PCI Compliance

Selecting the Right Service Provider to Achieve and Maintain PCI Compliance