Sustainable Initiatives - Datapipe

Sustainable Initiatives

We’ve integrated sustainability into our solutions and our operations on multiple levels.

Enhanced power conservation measures have been implemented in our New Jersey data centers:

Datapipe utilizes a 99% efficient Universal Power Source Energy Saver System

The first of its kind, this Eaton Powerware system is a dynamic combination of efficiency and reliability which significantly reduce carbon emissions.    

Energy Efficiency Optimized CRAC Units

Econo Cooling Configuration optimizes the efficiency of Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) units resulting in a 55 percent power savings.

Ultrasonic Humidifiers

Proper maintenance of data center humidity levels reduces hardware failure and prevents energy from being wasted. Datapipe has installed an ultrasonic humidifier system which yields a 90% energy savings over traditional humidifying systems.

Hot / Cold aisles with Hot aisle containment

Hot aisle containment isolates server exhaust by capturing hot air exhausted from the servers and guiding it directly into CRAC returns. This process reduces the energy required to maintain optimal server performance conditions.

Power consumption

Power consumption is a key consideration for every piece of hardware we evaluate/purchase. Datapipe utilizes Low wattage CPUs, low wattage RAM and 93% efficient HP power supplies to deliver the best power efficiencies in the market.

VMware ESX Technology

Datapipe’s highly secure and flexible cloud computing platform  runs on VMware ESX technology that allows underutilized physical server resources to be consolidated for more efficient use of hosting infrastructure.

Datapipe embraces green initiatives in our daily internal operations – and continues to explore new paths for integrating eco-consciousness into our workplaces:

In the U.S. we encourage the use of Mass Transit by offering a Commuter Benefits Program enabled by Transit Center, Inc.  This program provides tax benefits for team members who use mass transit or vanpooling. Our corporate headquarters and our San Jose offices have direct access to Light Rail, Train & Bus service with Light Rail stops literally steps from our doors. Our London and Hong Kong offices are all just a short walk from local train stations and bus stops. Use of mass transit saves the U.S. 1.4 billion gallons of gasoline per day and produces 95 percent less carbon monoxide and about half as much carbon dioxide per passenger mile as private vehicles.

In our corporate offices we have replaced bottled water with an environmentally friendly water filtration system.
Our corporate offices encourage sustainability through recycling disposal programs and the use of recycled office products. We promote a cleaner environment for all through the use of eco-friendly cleaning products.

In an effort to pass along both environmental and cost saving benefits we offer our clients the option of paperless billing.