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Built on a lightning-fast network infrastructure with guaranteed 100% uptime, Datapipe offers highly available, fully-customized solutions that ensure seamless access to your cloud-based software applications.

Datapipe has become the cloud partner of choice for software companies and application developers by delivering a superior, scalable network that keeps applications readily available so you can focus on your core business. Our expertise in fully managing software hosting environments from the network layer to applications performance – all with clear, upfront pricing backed by matchless customer service – delivers real value and ROI.

Why Software Companies Choose Datapipe:

  • Scalability – Our highly-elastic cloud offerings and guaranteed 100% network uptime empower you to ramp your software user base and functionality quickly.
  • Performance -- Our High Performance Network uses proprietary routing technology to deliver unsurpassed speed and reliability, a powerful competitive advantage for our clients.
  • New Markets – Open up new opportunities in the highly-regulated Healthcare, Financial and Government markets by building on our PCI, HIPAA and FISMA compliant platforms.
  • Efficiency – Focus your team on what they do best – building software solutions – while we manage the backing compute, network and storage.
  • Experience – Build your SaaS infrastructure right the first time by working with our experienced solution architects. We’ve been helping software companies move to SaaS for years.
  • Security – Build cloud-based software with confidence while our security management experts protect your data and performance from cybercriminals.

Flexible Managed Cloud Options for your SaaS Hosting

One thing we’ve learned while working with our Software partners is there’s no single infrastructure configuration best for all SaaS hosting. That’s why we maintain a portfolio of high-performance cloud and dedicated options, each backed by our industry-leading managed services.

So mix, match and customize to your content. Our experienced team will work with you to design, implement and maintain your perfect SaaS environment.

datapipe public cloud

Public Cloud

datapipe private cloud

Private Cloud

datapipe hybrid cloud

Hybrid Cloud

Get the scalability and efficiency of the AWS cloud for your SaaS environment, backed by Datapipe’s end-to-end Plan/Build/Run support. Datapipe is the global leader in managed cloud services for AWS. Need an extra level of security, compliance or customization for your web application? Stratosphere®, Datapipe’s hosted private cloud, delivers you the strength you need, plus scalable performance perfect for fast-growing SaaS offerings. Combine Datapipe’s highly-scalable public and private cloud options with workhorse dedicated servers to create a hybrid environment for your SaaS offering. We’ll build and manage all components, letting you focus on your app.

Expand Your Market with our Compliant Infrastructure and Services

Ready to break into the high growth (and highly-regulated) healthcare, financial and government markets? Our HIPAA-, PCI-, FISMA- and SOX-compliant infrastructure and management services help SaaS providers speed the deployment and adoption of their compliant offerings, while keeping them in line with constantly shifting guidelines.

With Datapipe’s compliance management services, you can focus all your efforts on developing and improving your software solutions. You can offload compliance and infrastructure management entirely, freeing up your technical team’s time to work on more important, higher-level projects. You’ll also be able to deploy new software quicker, as Datapipe can provide production, testing, staging and disaster recovery SaaS environments, all of which can help to streamline and accelerate your development cycles.

As compliance regulations change, so, too, will our SaaS hosting solutions. We’ll ensure your infrastructure remains compliant, passing industry IT audits and assessments.

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