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Cloud and Hosting Solutions for the Payments Industry

Datapipe understands the unique demands of the Payments Industry, and we’ve created cloud and hosting solutions that solve the delicate balancing act: optimal performance with robust security and bulletproof PCI DSS compliance.

datapipe pci dssAs one of the first hosting companies to reach Level 1 PCI Certified Security Provider, Datapipe’s certified experts know the challenges facing Independent Sales Organizations(ISOs), Payment Processors, Gateway Vendors and Merchants. That’s why our solutions go beyond covering the minimal PCI DSS controls most providers tout, to providing deep security and compliance management.

We have a history of deep engagements with major credit card issuers and companies in all sectors of the industry. And, we’ve built in PCI DSS controls in each of our cloud, dedicated and hybrid infrastructure options, giving you the flexibility to implement the right hosting solution for your company’s unique needs.

Why Companies in the Payments Industry Choose Datapipe:

  • Increased focus on your business. With Datapipe managing your infrastructure and security, you'll have more resources to dedicate to serving your clients. And, you won't need to hire staff and additional resources for PCI compliance – we’ll manage it for you.
  • Reduced audit scope and cost. Our long history of working with industry auditors and QSAs means that we know how to get you ready for audits quickly, reducing not only audit scope and discovery time, but also reducing your compliance-related costs.
  • Balanced risk exposure. With our deep expertise and knowledge of PCI DSS requirements, we'll not only get you compliant, but we'll keep you that way, balancing the business and legal liabilities associated with cardholder data breaches.
  • Business beyond usual. By strengthening your security and compliance reputation, you'll be able to improve your relationships with others in the credit card chain and increase revenue.
  • Flexible options. With public, private, hybrid and dedicated options, Datapipe can deliver on your company’s infrastructure needs, both now and well into the future. If your requirements change, you can alter your infrastructure easily and quickly. 

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Serving the Entire Payments Ecosystem

Datapipe delivers hosting solutions for the entire payments industry, with tailored solutions for each segment in this space.

Independent Sales Organizations

ISOs administer valuable banking and transaction services to their merchant clients, making PCI DSS compliance essential. Any ISO that does not meet PCI standards runs the risk of losing its customers’ trust, and their business. Datapipe’s PCI DSS compliant hosting solutions remove the risk from the equation. Our compliant managed services will assure your merchants and bank associations they are dealing with a vendor they can fully depend upon. We offer ISOs the choice of public, private, hybrid or dedicated hosting solutions, providing your company with continuous business agility and scalability, all while delivering world-class security.

Payment Processors and Gateway Vendors

Because of the essential role processors and gateways play in the payments space, there are specific PCI DSS rules in place to govern their transaction processing services and any corresponding devices. Our team of compliance and security experts will work with your organization directly to help you identify the PCI mandates you must comply with and execute the technical requirements for you. Our flexible, high-performing PCI DSS compliant hosting solutions will work with any customized integration efforts already in place, ensuring you are able to maximize your growth opportunities while minimizing risk.


While all e-commerce and retail merchants must achieve PCI DSS compliance, this task is particularly challenging for larger organizations. Compliance guidelines for Level 1, 2 and 3 merchants are much stricter, and meeting these requirements can be a complex undertaking that involves assessment processes, infrastructure tools and staff responsibilities. With PCI DSS v3.0, merchants must maintain a complete inventory of the cardholder data environment (CDE), among other requirements. Trying to handle all of this in-house can be both expensive and risky. Datapipe’s PCI DSS compliant hosting services allow merchants to outsource these responsibilities safely and affordably, allowing you to focus on high-priority revenue generation and customer-focused activities.

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