Solution Specific SLAs - Datapipe

Solution Specific SLAs

Datapipe guarantees its services with industry-leading Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Areas of coverage include, but are not limited to, network uptime and access speed, specific response and escalation procedures and the replacement and/or maintenance of hardware and software.

We recognize that each client is different. As part of our commitment to your online success, Datapipe's goal is that our support teams react immediately to any issue affecting your solution. Accordingly, we work with you to customize our standard processes to ensure that our response meets your individual needs; we incorporate this into an SLA that will formalize this agreement and give you added confidence in our relationship.

Application SLA

Specific, measurable performance metrics can be determined and included.

Hardware SLA

Datapipe guarantees all the hardware it supplies.

  • No cost to the client to repair or replace hardware or components
  • One hour hardware replacement guarantee

Infrastructure SLA

Datapipe guarantees 100% availability of critical infrastructure including power & cooling.

Network SLA

  • 100% network uptime guaranteed
  • Access Speed Guaranteed