Solution Escalation Action Plan (SEAP) - Datapipe

Solution Escalation Action Plan (SEAP)

A complete, regularly reviewed and updated SEAP serves as a blueprint for our support team to follow in the event of an issue with your solution. As with all Datapipe services, your SEAP is customized to meet the specific needs of your business to ensure that any issues are addressed in accordance with your expectations.

Your SEAP is client-prioritized. We will work with you to determine the optimal processes for maximum uptime, addressing multiple eventualities. Should an issue arise with your solution, the SEAP is already in place with explicit instructions for:

  • Contacts to be notified 
  • Escalation contacts 
  • Specific instructions for how you would prefer us to handle incidents 
  • The services you would like us to monitor 
  • What actions to take if a service fails

At Datapipe, our focus on our clients is complete – right down to your SEAP – giving you total confidence and complete control.