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Project Management

Project management is more than an organizational necessity at Datapipe – it’s a focal point of how we do business differently. Datapipe's team of highly skilled, experienced Project Managers provides our clients with unparalleled anticipatory service and support throughout the implementation and lifecycle of their IT solution. We empower our Project Managers to hub client activity – and be an essential point of accountability for ensuring that your unique needs are met, your solution is optimized to meet your specific business goals and your overall program is efficient and effective.

 With one of the lowest client-to-PM ratios in the industry, our clients are better positioned to leverage the full value of our services – and of a dedicated team of support professionals who provide personal attention, understand the details of your solution, and deliver real results.

Project Management Process

Your Project Manager is invested in your experience end-to-end, and plays an integral role in defining your objectives, stressing specific, measurable goals. This in-depth involvement enables us to gain a precise understanding of your business requirements with an emphasis on maximizing benefits and minimizing risk. The process begins by collaborating with your PM and the entire support team to:

  • Define the project scope
  • Define clear objectives
  • Define the timeframe
  • Define the stakeholders
  • Identify feedback loops to enable adaptation to evolving requirements

As part of this process, your Project Manager will guide you through setting up your account in Datapipe One - Advanced Client Portal, and will introduce you to the multiple resources available for reporting and monitoring your solution. Your Project Manager will also work with you to develop a successful Solution Escalation Action Plan (SEAP). We understand that business is never static,  and we monitor each and every relationship accordingly. As your solution develops or your business goals change, you can be confident that your Datapipe Project Manager holds an unwavering commitment to delivering to a higher standard throughout your project life to ensure the optimal performance that distinguishes Datapipe in our industry.