Reviews from Datapipe clients and partners

Evaluating Datapipe's managed services? Consider these reviews from Datapipe clients and partners, or click here to read Datapipe reviews by industry analysts.

"We wanted someone with the whole package; someone we felt we could work in partnership with. Datapipe had managed AWS; they did hybrid clouds; they could help us expand into China and they had the adaptability to work with us in the way we wanted. Some vendors draw a line - you’re either fully managed or not at all, but Datapipe had the flexibility and the know-how to work BMJ’s way.”

Sharon Cooper, Chief Digital Officer, BMJ

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"At the end of the day, we’re a software company, not a professional services company. Datapipe is, and it is incredibly valuable to have a professional partner to help us with those managed services. They’ve freed up our IT and support teams - they can now focus on supporting our software, not dealing with hosting issues."

Philipp Offermann, Senior Product Manager, Acrolinx

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"Datapipe is really good at saying yes, but not just saying yes, they give us a qualified yes that explains why they can do it. Their experts have come to our aid many times and have recommended how we can change things that we originally designed before the availability of their virtualized, on-demand resources. They offer us both tactical long-term solutions to our challenges."

"Datapipe's customer service is their sweet spot. Sometimes it can be difficult to deal with larger vendors if you are not big enough to fall into their A-List. Datapipe's staff are true professionals. They are a pleasure to work with."

Tony Scrimenti, Director of Global Infrastructure and Vendor Management, D+M Group

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"We had an e-commerce platform, a very traditional build in different data centers, not really connected, not easy to scale... we needed to change the foundation completely.”

"Very important to us was a partner recommended by many. Another thing was cultural fit. They must be nimble, agile, learning; there must be dialog. We don't want to have a partner who is an order taker. And we needed somebody who had done it before. This is why we came to the decision to leverage Datapipe.”

Frank Ellermeyer, former VP & Chief Technology Officer, McDonald's

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"Datapipe's capabilities to manage hybrid environments and ability to incorporate Microsoft infrastructure into hosted private clouds as well as integrate with Azure's public cloud environments make the company a natural fit to work with Azure.”

Aziz Benmalek, Vice President Worldwide Hosting and Cloud Services, Microsoft

"Our journey began with hosting our own servers, only to recognize that we need to concentrate on being a services provider, and not having to worry about managing our technical infrastructure. Of great interest to us was Datapipe's ability to manage the whole solution, while enabling us to become compliant by offering a PCI package that could layer on top of our infrastructure”

"I have found that Datapipe’s tech support team is exceedingly responsive, knowledgeable and willing to sit down and work through issues."

Thomas Gregory, Chief Technology Officer, PresidioHealth

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"As an AWS Premier Consulting Partner with a 24x7x365 support model Datapipe is a great fit for our needs. Our positive experience has us looking for new ways to leverage the AWS cloud and our relationship with Datapipe. Both AWS and Datapipe will continue to be an integral part of our IT roadmap moving forward.”

Jeremy Fuchs, former Vice President, Financial and BI Systems, Lionsgate

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"We were really happy with the way both Microsoft and Datapipe worked with us to get the solution up and running really quickly, much more quickly than anyone here would have imagined.”

"It's great to have partners at the table who are thinking the same way we are: let's not just build something that's going to work for us today.”

Don Eash, Executive Vice President/COO, Gateway Ticketing Systems

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"What brought me to Datapipe was not where I need to be today, but where I need to be tomorrow. I can rely on Datapipe to help us deliver change consistently and transparently anytime we’re ready to introduce new services and features. Our servers are already set up to scale to a 'big data' environment and my comfort level is high that we can grow as we need to. It’s one thing to scale up, but to have a finely tuned IT infrastructure is better, and Datapipe enables us to do that.”

Ryan Mann, Director of Operations, ScreenScape

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"We realized Provade needed to change to a Software as a Service (SaaS) or cloud model. I was able to leverage the Datapipe infrastructure so that I do not have to spend a lot of time tuning the system. Because I have the horsepower behind me, I can focus on functionality and features rather than having to continually retune the system to achieve better performance. If we attempted this on our own, the sheer capital cost would be in the millions of dollars in order to achieve even half of what Datapipe provides us.”

Tom Rumberg, Vice President of Technology, Provade

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"Everything from initial engagement to driving deliverables, it was all spot on. Everyone was on the ball, providing good customer care. I knew I would get what I needed, and I liked that it wasn’t just cookie cutter general engagement. We weren’t just slotted in—they developed a solution that was specific to us.”

Scott Sullivan, Chief Customer Success Officer at Tillster

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"Datapipe architecture and operational teams have provided us valuable insights and technical advice. They have been instrumental in solving our issues while guiding us on our cloud journey, allowing us to focus on our business.”

Joshua Woon, Chief Technology Officer, Challenger

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"When we were building the environment, we were able to work much more closely with Datapipe than we had been allowed with our previous provider. Being able to work closely together to affect change and improve our solution was the biggest thing for us."

Mark Kay, Head of Technology Service at Thomsons Online Benefits

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"Datapipe’s people gave us confidence that they could manage our environment and we would have confidence in their ability. They have people for every type of infrastructure, operating system, and cloud component we would ever need assistance with. And they provided guidance and counsel as to what we would need now and in the near future as our business grows. This is exactly what we needed."

Hans Wong, Chief Technology Officer, Octo3

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